Games Workshop, the legendary war miniature gaming company, announced its new Warhammer Recycling Programme that offers a method for recycling Warhammer Sprues! For those of you unfamiliar, Warhammer is a tabletop miniature war game that consists of plastic figurine pieces that war gamers assemble (after removing from plastic sprues). They then paint the army figurines before the table game battle. 

Recycling Warhammer Sprues
Credit: EcoConsumerGuide

Throughout this process, the sprues are left behind, generating excess plastic waste that ends up in the landfills (and they appear to be little fish killing traps if they end up in the ocean). Although a tad overdue, we’d like to applaud Games Workshop for shedding some light (and solutions) on the problem with recycling Warhammer sprues.

Recycling Warhammer Sprues is a Trial Program 

The Warhammer recycling initiative program is a trial set to begin at the end of March at select stores in the U.K (where Warhammer is based) by offering “sprue bins.” To do this, the company is partnering with Terracycle, a game-changing recycling program that accepts hard-to-recycle items (aka, the stuff you can’t leave in the blue bin on the curb). (We’re big fans of Terracycle.)

Not only will sprues be recycled, but the program is collecting empty Citadel Colour paint pots and old army models as well that will be also made into new products. 

“Many Warhammer fans have already reached out to ask about the best way to recycle their old sprues, so we’re delighted to be able to give you a way to do it,” Games Workshop said in the announcement.

If you’re a war gamer based here in the U.S., there’s no word yet on when (or if) this trial will expand to this side of pond (hint, hint, Memphis office). Until then, hang on to those Warhammer sprues or reuse them!

With tabletop gaming on the rise, this is a great start and hopefully will catch on to other companies to set the “green standard” in the industry. On a side note, we’d love to see Games Workshop take another eco leap and start making the pieces from recycled plastic altogether. Just saying 😉

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